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A big thanks to Carlos Deschamps, our talented summer intern, that made this video showcasing CASA’s campaigns in action. Footage includes: a press conference about the right to counsel for tenants in housing court (June 11), the march to save our homes (June 7th), the Bronx RGB Public Hearing (June 12), and CASA members sharing their powerful stories about why we absolutely must continue to organize!

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  1. Thank you CASA, I spoke to Pablo over the phone today (at CASA) and he was just so humble, so informative, so encouraging, so empowering in a quiet, but strong leadership manner. I wached the video and was further impressed and empowered to become an active member of CASA, to bring CASA to Harlem and the National Action Network, to promote CASA with every opportunity through social media, distributing flyers, and having CASA come as my very special guest. I want to bring CASA to Harlem and unite my Latino brothers and sisters with my African American brothers and sisters. I have been praying for the Latino mix and my prayers have been answered. I can’t wait to meet Pablo and his entire team at CASA. Knowledge is power and CASA will help me to become more empowered to help others do the same. Together we have all the victory and God get’s all the glory. We win with CASA!!!😄


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