CASA Housing Court Campaign

Watch This Powerful Video about Why Tenants Need A Right to Counsel in Housing Court

If we can win this, we will prevent homelessness and displacement, protect affordability and deter landlords from using the courts as a means of harassment.  If we win this, we will be the first city in the nation to have a law like this that will set an amazing precedent.  Join the movement!!!

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  1. I and my partner just want to commend you guys for keeping up with the fight. Progress has been mad and feels soo great knowing We as a community are not alone.. I also have a question…i just recieved new rent lease… and after fighting for at 6months in housing court 2012-2013, and learning from Casa i started to pay more attention .and realized that every year the landlord had charged us with renewing our rent ON TOP of the rent increase. This 2015 the lease says additional 208 bucks just to renew the lease..on top of raising rent. this has basically eaten away our this leagal.????..and every new lease ..has never reflected the total amount of the additional fee for rent renewal…just this current years. also crazy the new lease has a new statement saying we now have a sprinkler system and DO NOT..we have refused to sign the new lease also because of this..when we speak to landlord he continously brushes us off..making us feel like a nuisansce…and I will continue to be. if that is what we are called for exercising our rights as tenants. what do we do…how can we get this resolved? email is Dont give up the Fight! thank you C.A.S.A.


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