Campaign For Justice in Housing Court

In January of 2012, our membership voted to start a campaign to reform the Bronx Housing Court, challenging a range of unjust, predatory and fraudulent practices that pervade the court and lead to an unnecessarily and unacceptably high number of evictions in the Bronx—over 11,000 in 2011, the highest in all of New York.  In partnership with the Urban Justice Center, we spent a year doing research to document tenants’ experiences.  We conducted 1085 surveys, facilitated 3 focus groups and conducted 15 observations of judges.  After analyzing the data and creating findings, we worked with an advisory committee of housing and policy experts to articulate policy recommendations.  We released our report, entitled, Tipping the Scales: A Report of Tenant Experiences in the Bronx Housing Court, in March of 2013.


Our Campaign has two main focuses:

  • To change the policies and procedures within the court itself, such improving the process for tenants to file complaints, having tenants’ rights signs and bulletins, etc. (see the report for the full list of recommendations).
  • To make NYC the first city in the country to pass a law making it a right for tenants to have an attorney in housing court to defend themselves. Over half the city council has signed on but we need your support to make Intro 214 a reality! To acheive this reality, we formed a city-wide coalition of tenant groups, legal services providers, academics and advocates.  Go to the website to learn more about the Coalition for Right to Counsel NYC!

We’ve come a long way since we released our report!!  Join us!





For more information, please contact:
Pablo Estupiñan 
(718) 716-8000 ext. 243