Rent Rollback!

In June 2016, we won a RENT FREEZE for the second year in a row for the 2.5 million rent stabilized tenants in this city!!

CASA and tenants from across the city joined the fight to defend the RENT FREEZE in a lawsuit by the Rent Stabilization Association (a network of landlords of Rent Stabilized buildings) against the Rent Guidelines board.

Four years ago, barely anyone showed up to the RGB. Three years ago, hundreds did and we got the lowest increases in history. For the last two years, we made history again and won a historic RENT FREEZE for more than 1 million tenants. Tenant Power is BUILDING!!!!

Join us at our monthly campaign meetings the 1st Wednesday of the month






For more information contact:
Yeraldi Perez
(718) 716-8000 ext. 117